Saturday, April 14, 2007

Expand Community Service Requirement

Students who graduate from our high schools are required to perform and document a minimum of 40 Hours of Community Service.

I would like to suggest that members of the BHS Board of Education get out into our community and do the same.

Sure, our board members "punch their timecard" every few weeks at board meetings, but it's not the same.

The difference is that we expect our students to participate in service that will provide a meaningful learning experience. Our board, on the other hand, doesn't spend much time learning or listening.

Recently, for the first time in three election campaigns, I was contacted by the local clerk to see if it was OK to give out my home phone number. Of course, I gave my approval. (248-338-3205). My email address is

In contrast, try to find a way to contact your current board members. I'm serious; there is no contact information on the district's website!

Elderly voters had been coming to the clerk's office to turn in absentee ballots, and were so concerned about the prospect of additional property tax burden that they asked to speak with Don and me personnally.

I am happy to speak with any taxpayer who would like to discuss education issues.

Many of our retired citizens are truly struggling with health care, home maintenance, and other costly issues. The market for real estate is "soft," at best, and higher taxes will not raise residential property values.

Our board of education needs to listen to our community.